12:00 Noon Academic Procession proceeds to the Convocation Venue
12:04 PM Hon’ble Chancellor comes online
12:05 PM Welcome Note
12:08 PM Lightning of Lamp and Saraswati Vandana
12:12 PM Hon’ble Chancellor declares the Convocation Open
12:15 PM University Report presentation by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
12:25 PM Address by the Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister, GNCTD
12:30 PM Convocation Address by the Chief Guest
12:35 PM Address by the Hon’ble Chancellor
:Hon’ble Chancellor goes offline
12:40 PM Presentation of Chancellor Gold Medal
Presentation of Vice Chancellor Gold Medal and other Medals
Award of Ph.d. Degrees
Award of Post Graduate Degrees
Award of Under Graduate Degrees
01:15 PM Signing of the Scroll by the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
01:17 PM Release of Annual Magazine of IGDTUW
01:20 PM Oath taking by all the Recipients of Degrees
01:25 PM Hon’ble Vice Chancellor to declare the Convocation closed on behalf of the Hon’ble Chancellor National Anthem and departure of Academic Procession